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Hardwood Flooring in Covington, LA

wood-flooringAdd warmth and elegance to your home with hardwood flooring at Noel Maestri’s Flooring America. Our local flooring store has a stunning hardwood selection of the best value around the Covington, LA area. We provide a huge variety of hardwood floors, including quality prefinished and distressed wood floor coverings. When you visit our store, you’ll receive guidance from one of our friendly flooring experts who is dedicated to providing you with an enjoyable shopping experience. Let us help you find the perfect flooring for your lifestyle and get the job done right with our professional hardwood installations for your home or business. Visit our Covington, LA, showroom today to start your hardwood flooring renovation!

Types of Hardwood Flooring Available at Our Local Flooring Store

Because every home is unique, we offer you a multitude of hardwood flooring choices. Our showroom is filled with samples that you can see, touch, and walk on so you get the full experience of your new flooring. Choose hardwood in a variety of finishes, grains, appearances, and species. Finishes come in light, medium, or dark. Grains are subtle, moderate, and prominent; while appearances are scraped, smooth, and textured. For tree species, we carry a wonderful selection of domestic and exotic options that include the following Acacia, Birch, Cherry, Maple, Pine, Red Oak, Walnut, White Oak, and much more. Learn about the two main types of hardwood flooring available at our flooring store — solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. 

Solid Hardwood Flooring for Long-Lasting Beauty

With solid wood, planks or strips of solid wood are milled from a single board of the wood species of your choice. These floor coverings consist of that same species through and through. Because of this, you can sand and refinish hardwood several times. With refinishing, solid wood lasts up to 100 years.

Engineered Wood Flooring Offers Versatility in Placement

Instead of solid wood, your space may be better suited to engineered hardwood flooring. These floors consist of layered construction to provide installation versatility. On the top is a veneer of the wood species of your choice. This is bonded to several layers of high-density fiberboard. These manufacturing improvements enable homeowners to install engineered wood in rooms with high levels of moisture, such as the basement, bathroom, or kitchen. Our Covington customers find engineered wood floors hold up particularly well in Louisiana’s highly humid climate. 

The Many Advantages of Hardwood Floors

In our showroom, you'll not only discover a wonderful selection of wood floors but also find flooring professionals to assist you in choosing the right floors for your design preferences and lifestyle requirements. Our design and sales professionals have a vast knowledge of the different brands of hardwood, as well as experience with the latest flooring fashions. We provide our customers with premium hardwood flooring brands that offer the style, durability, and performance you need—such as  Kahrs™, Bruce™, Star Values™, Spotlight Values™, Floorcraft™, Downs™, and more. Discover all the benefits of choosing hardwood floors for your home or business:

  • Long-lasting durability in high-traffic areas. 
  • Increases the value of your home.
  • Versatility in design for a unique look that matches your interior design taste. 
  • Affordable hardwood options to meet any budget. 
  • Improved performance in high-moisture environments with engineered wood floors. 
  • Simple to clean and maintain.
  • Ability to refinish many times over the lifespan of the solid wood floor. 

hardwood flooring in a dining room

How to Properly Care for Your New Hardwood Floors

Part of protecting your hardwood flooring investment is following a simple maintenance and cleaning routine. This ensures your floors will look brand new for years to come. If you have any questions or need extra guidance on caring for your specific type of floor, our flooring experts are always here to help. Follow these simple hardwood flooring care tips for beautiful, long-lasting floors:

  • Remove dirt buildup with regular sweeping or vacuuming.
  • Promptly clean up spills with a soft cloth. 
  • Clean heavier messes with a manufacturer-recommended floor cleaner. Always ask a professional before using any harsh chemicals as they may damage your floors. 
  • Prevent scratches by using dirt-trapping mats at entrances, keeping your pets' nails trimmed, and avoiding high-heeled shoes. 
  • Avoid fading by using area rugs in spaces with high exposure to sunlight. 

Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation

We recommend that you protect your investment in hardwood floors with a professional flooring installation. Let us schedule a day and time for our flooring technicians to come to your home. We arrive on time with the wood, tools, and equipment to precisely install your wood floors for long-lasting results. We take the time to get the job done correctly the first time by starting with a clean, level, and dry subfloor. Then, we will be sure to properly acclimate the wood flooring, and artfully lay planks with an eye to grain and pattern for a stylish and secure fit. 

We believe so strongly in your installation satisfaction that we provide each customer with our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee. This is our promise to you that you will love your new floors. If not, we will replace or fix the hardwood flooring installation at no extra cost to you. Ready to learn more about hardwood flooring?

Contact us today to start the journey toward your dream hardwood floors! We proudly serve Covington, Louisiana, and the surrounding communities. 

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